PLM Products

We know PLM software.

Be it ENOVIA Dassault Systèmes’, Aras or any other PLM software, xLM experts know the speed at which these technologies are changing. Drawing from our implementation experiences and user feedback, we have the expertise to forecast trends and challenges.

We've developed best-in-class tools, products and solutions for the many PLM/PDM systems and business technologies. Our add-on products and solutions improve efficiencies, improve user experiences and increase the ROI of your PLM and IT investments.


Need help with complex data migration projects?

xLM Solutions offers comprehensive migration tools and solutions to enhance and integrate V6 with other PLM and enterprise technologies. Find out more →


Need add-on solutions for Aras?

xLM Solutions products complement Aras out-of-the-box features, including migration with full history, SolidWorks PDM Connector and more. Find out more →

SolidWorks PDM

Need data migration into SolidWorks PDM?

xLM Solutions implements and migrates data into SolidWorks PDM Professional. Check out our various tools and methodologies. Find out more →


Want seamless integration, migration and extraction from SmarTeam?

Our tools and solutions support and simplify your current SmarTeam implementation and provide expertise to move from SmarTeam. Find out more →