PLM Products

Be it ENOVIA Dassault Systèmes’, Aras or any other PLM software, xLM experts know the speed at which these technologies are changing. Drawing from our implementation experiences and user feedback, we have the expertise to forecast trends and challenges.

We've developed best-in-class tools, products and solutions for the many PLM/PDM systems and business technologies. Our add-on products and solutions improve efficiencies, improve user experiences and increase the ROI of your PLM and IT investments.

We know PLM software.

Dassault Enovia V6

Powered by the 3DExperience® Platform based on V6, ENOVIA products offer tremendous innovative solutions to customers. As true experts in this technology, xLM Solutions provides specialized services and solutions to enhance and integrate V6 with other PLM and enterprise technologies.

 xLM ENOVIA V6 Solutions and Products


xLM is a provider of solutions and products that complement Aras PLM solutions. Aras provides powerful functionality out-of-the-box for corporate-wide PLM business processes to achieve true cross-functional collaboration. The solution is item-based and process-oriented with functionality to automate New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI), Complex Configuration Management, Enterprise Change Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality Compliance and more.

xLM experts support customers who are both subscribers and non-subscribers of Aras products.

xLM Aras Solutions and Products

  • Aras Migration— a comprehensive migration to Aras methodology and tool set, including full revision history and more.
  • SolidWorks PDM Connector to Aras— a seamless and secure packaged integration directly from EPDM to PLM from Aras.
  • E-CAD Connectors—The E-CAD connectors are built to simplify key processes in Aras PLM.
  • Import Wizard—makes it easy and efficient to load legacy data from your old PDM or PLM system or a periodic BOM or part.
  • ERP Sync Engine—ERP Sync Engine is unique because it interfaces between PLM and ERP and it can work with any ERP system.

SolidWorks PDM

xLM Solutions has extensive experience implementing PLM/PDM systems including EPDM (now SolidWorks PDM Professional) and migrating data into SolidWorks PDM. We have proven methodologies, tools—provided by SolidWorks and our own, to help streamline this process while addressing business needs, limiting issues and minimizing down time.

xLM SolidWorks PDM Solutions and Products


xLM ENOVIA SmarTeam Solutions and products are designed to offer seamless integration and migration. The tools are meant to simplify the processes within the application.

xLM has the best experts in SmarTeam who can provide valuable counsel if you want to move into another system like the Enovia V6, EPDM or just enhance your SmarTeam system, which we’ve been implementing since 1999.

Our proprietary tools enable seamless migration or we can develop custom solutions that will help you in easy migration and extraction.

xLM SmarTeam Integrations

xLM SmarTeam Solutions and Products

  • Vault Processor— update vaulted files with no SmarTeam lifecycle operations.
  • Quick Create Tool— allows easy creation and document-linking for new SmarTeam objects based on existing objects.
  • Project Search Tool— supports searches on objects and data linked to a specific project.
  • Object Class Migration Tool— a utility for migrating objects from one class to another
  • Dynamic Workflow User Assignment— provides a web-based, simplified and intuitive approach for dynamically assigning users to nodes in a workflow.
  • SmarTeam Data Extraction and Migration services – offers the ability to extract data and files out of SmarTeam for migration into other system or archiving purposes.