PLM Services

xLM Solutions' expertise include Enovia V6, Enovia SmarTeam, Aras Innovator and SOLIDWORKS PDM (formerly EPDM) PLM services. From the initial planning to post-deployment support, we offer exceptional end-to-end PLM services along with unparalleled customer service. We are innovative and flexible in our relationships and can customize an arrangement that fits your needs.

Proven methods to ensure project success.

PLM Implementation

We conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements and challenges to best deploy your PLM solution, followed by the installation and configuration. At every step, we collaborate with you to ensure optimal operating conditions. We are here to support you pre, during and post deployment to maximize your return on investment.

PLM Customization

xLM Solutions experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs and identify all constraints with such customization or atomization. We use our proven solution methodology, and present you with an optimized and most cost-effective solution that maximizes your ROI, incurs the lowest TCO, and most importantly, is best aligned with your business needs and can streamline your processes.

xLM has some of the best programming experts who develop customizations more elegantly providing the best affordable, adaptable and scalable solution. We do not just deliver a customization and walk way, we fully support you through the lifecycle of the customization and the PLM solution.

PLM Migration

We know that data migrations are complex. With our unique proven methodologies and tools, we identify issues with the legacy data, map the data from the legacy system to the new system and perform the necessary test migrations. Our involvement in the migration process does not end until we are confident that the production migration is successfully completed.

xLM Solutions team is an expert in accomplishing the following migrations:

PLM Integration

xML Solutions can integrate your new system with existing and legacy applications, such as your ERP system, to ensure interoperability. We understand how critical the transfer is for your smooth business operation. That’s why our consultants take extreme measures to assess integration requirements, how and what data should be transferred, when those transfers should happen, etc.

Additionally, xLM Solutions experts examine your current business processes and recommend enhancements where appropriate.

We truly believe that integrating PLM to other systems reduces redundancies and errors. Such integration adds tremendous ROI to any enterprise.