Ancillary Services

Experience for the way ahead.

xLM Solutions offers services and solutions in support of other enterprise technologies, beyond the PLM specializations.

CAD Programming

In addition to the programming / customizations we provide to our PLM customers, we also produce programs for the following CAD systems: SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD and Inventor. Whether it is a stand-alone program, Add-In or simple Macro we can help you automate / customize any CAD specific functionality.

Examples of some of our proprietary CAD programs are:

  • Automatic BOM Table Creation / Update and Export to XML
  • Batch Drawing Template Replacement
  • Mass Property Updater
  • File Renaming and Link Updating
  • Part Creation from Assembly and export to IGES and Step formats
  • Geometry Extraction from AutoCAD to automatically build SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies
  • File Validation and SolidWorks Integrity Check Tool

Advanced Technologies

xLM is committed to be the best PLM/IT solution provider with its first-rate services and products. We recognize that a key factor for achieving and maintaining these high standards is to stay on the leading-edge of the relevant technologies.

The xLM Advanced Technologies Group is established to explore and assist our clients and associates in employing the latest product lifecycle, data management, collaboration and other business and engineering technologies.

The xLM team members also develop state-of-the-art custom applications and integrations proactively with these technologies to anticipate and address your evolving business needs and issues, as well as to continuously refine our solution methodologies. Most of all, the team members ensure that our solutions will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and business processes, and will increase and extend your overall ROI beyond the normal longevity.

Examples of the Advanced Technologies Group projects include:

  • Data sharing among legacy and state-of-the art applications and systems
  • Implementation and integration of SOA into PLM systems
  • Integration of collaboration systems with PLM systems (e.g., SharePoint-SmarTeam, SharePoint-PDM (EPDM) integrations and SharePoint-Aras Innovator)
  • Extended PLM system capabilities with Microsoft .NET framework features

Contact us if you experience issues with applications or PLM systems integrations, or ever wonder if certain “things” may be done to improve or integrate your existing systems.

Oracle Databases

xLM Oracle Replication Monitor

The xLM Oracle Replication Monitor provides a convenient way to monitor the Oracle database replication process and reports issues and errors via timely, customized email messages. More details.

Curtain e-locker

Curtain e-Locker is a data security system that protects your design files from unauthorized accesses and theft. Curtain allows users to access the design files through native CAD applications such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, but FORBIDS operations such as Print, Save As, or Send files to external sources (including optical discs, USB flash drives, web-based email system, etc.). For more details on Curtain e-Locker, see the product brochure.

xLM is an authorized reseller of Curtain e-Locker. Contact us for a demonstration on how Curtain can add protection to your sensitive data, and how it can be easily integrated into your environment.