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xLM ENOVIA SmarTeam Solutions and products are designed to offer seamless integration and migration. The tools are meant to simplify the processes within the application.

xLM has the best experts in SmarTeam who can provide valuable counsel if you want to move into another system like the 3DEXPERIENCE, EPDM or just enhance your SmarTeam system, which we’ve been implementing since 1999.

Our proprietary tools enable seamless migration or we can develop custom solutions that will help you in easy migration and extraction.

xLM SmarTeam Integrations

xLM SmarTeam Solutions and Products

  • Vault Processor— update vaulted files with no SmarTeam lifecycle operations.
  • Quick Create Tool— allows easy creation and document-linking for new SmarTeam objects based on existing objects.
  • Project Search Tool— supports searches on objects and data linked to a specific project.
  • Object Class Migration Tool— a utility for migrating objects from one class to another
  • Dynamic Workflow User Assignment— provides a web-based, simplified and intuitive approach for dynamically assigning users to nodes in a workflow.
  • SmarTeam Data Extraction and Migration services – offers the ability to extract data and files out of SmarTeam for migration into other system or archiving purposes.