SolidWorks Enterprise PDM–Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Migration Solution


Data contained in two disjointed systems (EPDM & SharePoint)

Difficult to expose data from both systems side-by-side

Potential data and file redundancy, complications, and errors

Prefers unified access and presentation


Expose selected EPDM data and functionalities in SharePoint via an integration web part


Supports EPDM object queries from within SharePoint

Query results presented in a SharePoint data table/grid

View EPDM object metadata in SharePoint

Download and view EPDM files in SharePoint


Extend EPDM to SharePoint users

Leverages Microsoft Office Solutions for PLM Data (Project Management, Workspaces, Issue Management, etc.)

Provides selected and focused EPDM features in SharePoint—simplifies access to EPDM data

Familiar, intuitive, and customizable browser?based user experience

Minimal EPDM concepts and skill set required

Facilitate business and engineering processes by combining data from both platforms in a single workflow, while maintaining data integrity

Preserve and utilize existing data: no need for largescale data migration or duplication across platforms

Exposes EPDM data to mobile users

Additional/Upcoming Features:

Statistics of EPDM data and usage may be generated and displayed

Supports EPDM workflow responses (accept or reject) directly from within a SharePoint web part