Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE

Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE is a logical PLM direction for companies that are looking to evolve their PLM system and expand its functionality. 3DEXPERIENCE provides scalability together with a rich portfolio of out of the box modules and a set of configuration and customization tools allowing companies to tailor the solution to their unique business process. Migrating data from a legacy PLM system is not always a simple task. Indeed, it requires extensive due diligence as well as careful advance planning to ensure the migration’s success. However, a well-planned transition will result in happy users and a meaningful value added for the organization.

This paper will address both business and technical implementation aspects when migrating data into 3DEXPERIENCE. Some examples will be based on xLM Solution’s recent experience with migrating a very large SolidWorks® SmarTeam environment to 3DEXPERIENCE. However, the points in this paper apply to any data migration to 3DEXPERIENCE, regardless of the CAD system.

Migrating to ENOVIA V6 White Paper