3DEXPERIENCE – FCS File Validator

Have you ever discovered files missing from your file store in 3DEXPERIENCE? xLM Solutions’ new tool, 3DEXPERIENCE FCS File Validator, is the answer. Whether due to a network fault, application flaw or bad migration, it is possible for files in the FCS or Remote FCS server (store) to appear missing, although 3DXPERIENCE assumes the files […]

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3DEXPERIENCE Administration Tools

This webinar looks at options for data model and administration settings now that the “Matrix” and “Business” legacy tools are no longer supported by 3DEXPERIENCE. We’ll explore the use of administration tools: TXO application – the tool that allows you to expand the 3DEXPERIENCE data model How to extend types and add attributes and extensions […]

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Which 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Works Best for You?

When considering a new 3DEXPERIENCE implementation, the first question to ask is which 3DEXPERIENCE product platform works best for your situation?   In most cases, the three main platforms are: Cloud (DS Cloud), private Cloud or on-premise. We strongly encourage companies to discuss these options thoroughly within your company and with your various stakeholders and your […]

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COE 2019 in New Orleans

Just ahead of Mardi Gras, we let the good times roll in New Orleans for Dassault Systèmes Community of Experts COExperience Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair, known as COE 2019. As always, we gain so much from networking with friends, colleagues, partners, customers and Dassault Systèmes employees. We were lucky enough to taste some amazing […]

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Key Security Features in 3DEXPERIENCE

In this blog, I will shed some light on some of the key security features in 3DEXPERIENCE (mainly in ENOVIA) and review possible use cases. As a disclaimer, I must clarify that this information is based solely on my personal observation, understanding and experience and relates to version 2018x – you should test and validate […]

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The Course of Cloud: Key Trends in Accelerating Innovation

Learn how companies are leveraging Cloud PLM.

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SIMULIA – New Release of Abaqus, Tosca and 3DEXPERIENCE

Learn how to create better designs earlier in the product development process using new release features of Abaqus, Tosca and 3DEXPERIENCE.

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3DEXPERIENCE Implementation Best Practices

At xLM Solutions, we are frequently called upon by manufacturers to implement the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Over the years, we have developed a core set of 3DEXPERIENCE implementation best practices which we summarize here. The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides software solutions for all aspects of your enterprise, from engineering, design and simulation to marketing and […]

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SmarTeam Roundtable

Recently, xLM Solutions moderated a roundtable discussion about SmarTeam among current SmarTeam users. We discussed what’s next for SmarTeam and looked at the process for moving from SmarTeam to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.   The Future of SmarTeam From what we have heard, Dassault Systèmes will continue to support SmarTeam for the foreseeable future. It is […]

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Single Source for Speed for Industrial Equipment

We recently conducted a webinar about 3DEXPERIENCE Single Source for Speed for industrial equipment companies. Here are some of the insights from that webinar. In our work with leading industrial equipment companies, we have consistently seen a series of trends driving factors required to stimulate growth. Intelligent Systems – Products are evolving into intelligent systems, […]

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