ENOVIA SmarTeam Remote Performance

For those of you still running SmarTeam and may now need to run it remotely or over VPN, you may know and feel that SmarTeam performance is not “super” fast in such situations.  There are no magic changes that can be done to SmarTeam to make it as fast as if you are running it […]

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SmarTeam Roundtable 2019 Wrap-Up

We recently moderated a roundtable webinar about SmarTeam among current users. We focused on three main areas of discussion: the current status of SmarTeam, suggestions for the future, and how to move to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The Current Status of SmarTeam In our roundtable, we discussed how the ENOVIA SmarTeam PDM application remains a supported […]

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SmarTeam Roundtable

Hear from experts at xLM Solutions and users on the future of SmarTeam.

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SmarTeam Roundtable

Recently, xLM Solutions moderated a roundtable discussion about SmarTeam among current SmarTeam users. We discussed what’s next for SmarTeam and looked at the process for moving from SmarTeam to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.   The Future of SmarTeam From what we have heard, Dassault Systèmes will continue to support SmarTeam for the foreseeable future. It is […]

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More news about xLM Solution’s Enovia SolidWorks Reference Tool

Marc Young, Managing Partner, xLM Solutions  Last summer we told you about our solution to resolve missing SolidWorks References in ENOVIA V6. Like many of our solutions, it came about from conversations with customers. They were looking for ways to streamline data migrations from SMARTEAM to Enovia, and resolve problems with the creation of correct […]

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Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE

Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE is a logical PLM direction for companies that are looking to evolve their PLM system and expand its functionality. 3DEXPERIENCE provides scalability together with a rich portfolio of out of the box modules and a set of configuration and customization tools allowing companies to tailor the solution to their unique business process. […]

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